Mobile application development trends of the year 2021

Mobile Application Development

The advent of smartphones has already revolutionized the lives of everyone today. It has completely transformed how people interact and communicate with one another. Mobile application development pertains to apps creation. Such apps capable of running on the smart devices.  The specific of the apps can either be preinstalled on the device or can also be downloaded from a specific app store or web browser. The most utilized programming and markup languages for software application development include Java, HTML5, SWIFT, or even C#. Today mobile development has already become the biggest and the most profitable technology market in the entire world.

Let's have a look at the mobile application trends of the year 2021:


Due to COVID-19 circumstances, there has been a sharp increase in sales through e-commerce just like never. More and more people have started shopping online due to which there has been the biggest loss that is experienced by the owners of the retail chains. Owing to this even the retail stores have started taking their business online. A report has suggested that even in the year 2021 the m-commerce sales will be generating $2.5+ trillion revenue. And this growth in the m-commerce globally is going to increase at a rapid pace in the coming years. Ordering through a single click, quick voice shopping is some of the recent advancements that have been already integrated into the ecommerce industry to enhance the shopping experience of the customers.

Cross-platform application development

Many of the leading businesses from all over the world have already started utilizing the cross-platform application development technology for carrying out the cost-cutting improving efficiency and at the same time reducing the developing duration. Also, through the launch of the Flutter of Google, this year the cross-platform development technology will be reaching new heights. The flutter is now facilitating the compilation of several distinctive applications for mobile web as well as a desktop by utilizing a single codebase. This led to the development of the customized application at a low cost and extremely less time frame.

Beacon Technology

This is the technology that was developed by the Apple company in the year 2013. It has been utilizing the BLS (Bluetooth low energy signal) for providing all the users with the most relevant notifications along with the information and guidance. Even in the year 2015, the Google company has also come up with the same technology known by the name of Eddystone. Since its development, the mobile development experts are working hard to carry out the integration of the innovative Eddystone into the Android app. Beacon is an extremely lucrative mobile app development trend of the year 2021 with its immense potential in many of the distinctive sectors.

Applications for foldable devices

One of the most important trends that have picked up the pace in the year 2021 is the advent of foldable devices. Many of the leading mobile companies like Samsung, LG are already coming up with foldable smartphones due to the high demand in the market. Thus, the mobile app developers are working to develop apps that are compatible with the alteration in the screen size, whenever there is the folding of the device by the user.


The wearable is a technology that is creating apps among users worldwide. It is not only confined to the launch of the smartwatches but there is our body sensing equipment, lenses jewelry, and many other smart devices that are coming up. The exciting thing about wearable technology is that there can be communication and control of such devices through mobile phones. And this is going to become a highly impactful mobile app development trend this year.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning                              

There has been a great demand of virtual assistance in smartphone devices. This has been a leading trend of mobile app development in the year 2020. Even this year, it has become an extremely eminent part of the lives of everyone all over the world. The chatbots, Google voice search, Siri are some of the leading examples of artificial intelligence and virtual reality tools.

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Apart from demonstrating its benefits in the gaming sector, virtual reality and augmented reality has also been shown to play a crucial role in motion tracking, understanding of the environment and have been found to have its application in many of the industries for example healthcare, market, tourism, etc. with the advent of the artificial reality-based applications to enhance the user overall experience.

Cloud Computing Integration

 when the data is stored physically and it cannot be traced afterward, then this will be putting the sensitive information of the organizations at stake. And that's the cloud integration computing has been supporting organizations for streamlining all their operations and all the information get stored basically on the cloud itself.


Having a mobile application for any business is not only a lucrative business but is a need for survival. Most of the leading brands and giant businesses are using mobile applications for creating brand awareness, reaching out to the target audience, and boosting sales. It is estimated that by the end of the year 2023, mobile applications are expected to generate 770+ billion Euros. So, organizations from all over the world are constantly on the lookout for the mobile applications trends of the year 2021. This is being done for unlocking the potential of the next big technological thing.

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